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Christmas Day Images, Santa Claus, Top 10 Songs on Xmax, Jesus Christ

Christmas is Candle of Joy and Love. Merry Christmas (Christmas Day) is Celebrated in the Happiness of Birth of Lord Jesus Christ. As the month and Date of Birth of Jesus Christ is Still Unknown But it is accepted as 25th of December. Christmas Day is celebrated in all over the world even in the cities where most of the persons are non-Christian Such as a country Japan where Christmas is celebrated with full hore and shore and there Christians are very less. Christmas is celebrated as giving gifts to others or some father’s become Santa Claus by wearing Dress of Santa Claus and Uses a fake White Beard and Make Happy Their Children and Give them Toffies and Chocolates. On this day there is Holiday in all the Schools and Colleges and Children of School and Colleges enjoy a lot in Celebrating This in Some Schools and Colleges there was a Little Functions in the celebration of Christmas Day and Children Become Santa Claus and Gives Candies to each other, Also Some Children take parts in Dance and they Dance on the Song “Merry Christmas “In this way Christmas day is celebrated in Schools and Colleges. So Christmas is celebrated for Peace, Love and Enjoy.Some People Enjoy by Lightning their Christmas Tree.

Best Ever Songs on Christmas Day

1              White Christmas                                             -              Bing Crosby
2              The Chipmunk Song                                       -              The Chipmunks
3              Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer              -              Gene Autry
4              I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus              -              Jimmy Boyd
5              Jingle Bell Rock                                             -              Bobby Helms
6              The Christmas Song                                       -              Nat King Cole
7              Snoopy's Christmas                                       -              The Royal Guardsmen
8              Here Comes Santa Claus                              -              Gene Autry
9              Little Drummer Boy                                      -              Harry Simeone Chorale
10           Donde Esta Santa Claus                                -              Augie Rios

Images on Christmas Day

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