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Honda City Car - Description,Key Features,Images,Outdoor,Indoor,Safety Features and Price

The first generation and the awesome Honda City was Launched in 1996,Honda city is the car which quickly fulfill a lot of needs for growing sedan’s in INDIA and all other Asian markets it is associated with economic growth in the Region.  You will be amazed to know that the Honda city car was launched or produced only in seven, countries, and thirty nine nations only the user’s of this vehicle are very lucky because Honda always fulfills the needs of users. The third generation Honda city sedan is popular as the deluxe automobile give a lot of features to its buyers such as…

  1.  Advanced and powerful engine
  2.   Latest look
  3. eye catchy Design 
  4.  more grandeur
  5. Increased Cabin  
  6. High Quality performance
The Awesome sedan Honda city also at the present time considered as a High class Brand in from the time of 1998.It upholds major market share in its rank and the new model of Honda city got it popular to advanced rank.
 Key Points
  1. Engine in Honda is of 1497 cc, Petrol.
  2. Gear speed can be 5 speed, or if a user wants to drive freely without manual changing it also contains automatic motion.
  3. Honda city is a 5 seater car.
  4. Steering of Honda city car -Power steering.

The Front Look of the car is awesome and also motivated by the liker’s of European Honda civic. The Lens used in headlamps is reflector lens at the place of high price lenses; High Price lenses increase cost of the car to much So, taking in mind about the price of car Honda Company Used cheap and useful reflector lenses in the headlamps of the car.
The back view of latest Honda city is similar with the third series of BMW series, it’s an amazing look touched the Hearts of user’s it’s bumper and tail lights are awesome. The development of aero-dynamics in Honda city enhances its presence at the place where it meets. The three new and advanced qualities of new Honda city are….
  1.     It is longer
  2.     It is wider
  3.   It is sturdier
These three qualities are developed in the new model of Honda city The tallness of new Honda city is decreased by 15 mm to create it’s look more eye catchy an, attractive and sleeker.
Things arranged at outdoor are all of good quality and make the look’s of car amazing, The Honda city is a car which is fully featured not only in the outdoor, but also good in its interiors. There are easy and user friendly controls in the vehicle which helps the users a lot. The plastic used in its interiors is hard and thick, it can’t be damaged easily, steering of the new city is very flexible and comfortable, it can easy to move, one new and amazing characteristic is it is compatible with iPod USB connector,it has inbuilt jazz, Honda City has a very satisfactorily incorporated system.On the display of audio system there is a USB port and also it accept’s your I pod’s cable,you can also control your Ipod via car’s audio system. The City doesn't have a CD player, so you need an iPod, or other compatible MP3 player to take your songs with you.
The Honda car arrives with all safety elements, one of those is Anti Lock Braking system Brake Assist, Dual SRS airbags, pre-tensioner seat belts it has a G-force control tech body  committed with crush-proof survival zone. Overall The Honda city is totally amazing, and a different look car, it is a kind of car which every of the person needs generally.
Cost of Honda city is Rs 7,43,046/- to Rs 10,82,462/-
Note: Prices may be some less or high as at on market price the price given is Ex-showroom price.


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