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APPLE I PAD-2 AND MOTOROLA XOOM,Comparison,Features,Review of user and much more

Why You Want to buy  XOOM and I PAD 2
I am special and very choosy about buying things especially buying gadgets although the cost of XOOM is very high but it is not necessary that costly things give satisfaction some times we are satisfied by cheap and best things, but it is not in the case of I PAD 2 it is costly and most satisfying than any other phones. Never mind about the price as sometimes their parts are not hard and not durable.
Lets Discuss about its facilities
sometimes we think That these are camera’s in fact they are Tablets Instead of a camera.Generally We Don’t use Tablets as camera’s on hill stations it is a type of micro Laptop,

It is useless to spend money for a wireless connection. People have to use smartphone also your mobile bill may be less WI-FI only is the manner to do so and I-PAD 2 is lighter and thinner,You can hold it with one hand at arm’s length to use it,You can cradle it like a baby in the arm,
You can place it on your Lap and can hold it with  two hands Easily.During all situation’s or condition’s weight doesn’t matter. You can stand it up on a desk also.
IPad 2 .34in and 1.33lb
Xoom .5in and 1.61lb
It is of no use to differentiate  .16in and .28lb No need to argue about it. Now it  is thick as a cardboard. There is a small cover also so that it may not be blow away during windy season
Screen :-  I PAD 2 Native resolution is 1024 x 768 That is a max. of 720p HD and XOOM is 1280 x 800 also 720p HD.
There is not much difference between the two. The I PAD-2  has an old screen size 9.7 in that works  awesome in portrait but Landscape is not true wide screen and when watching wide screen movies you get those irritating black bars. But The XOOM is true 16 x 9 widescreen and is made to be used that method and I don’t like the manner of hold when in portrait with the XOOM screen size is bigger in XOOM resolution is name and the Black bars are more essential in portrait with I-PAD 2 There are less finger prints as there coating causes finger prints marking So who is the screen winner ?
I can say I-PAD 2
Tablets are prepared mainly for one thing and really that one thing is the thing that is full portable web browsing still Apple I-PAD 2 was in advertisement that with the original IPAD. but, Apple does not supports a most common and generally used to play video’s software i.e Flash a common key widget in  searching of the internet web . Even while, The companies like Hulu are cutting support to tablets unless you pay Flash is still a very useful player. Apple give’s the statement that there is not any common use for Flash because of from the apple’s App store you can find and download anything you require in starting an app. Well, browsing from the App Store only to find an app that will play the video I want to watch seems very infertile when if iPad had flash I can just push play. Speed: Winner Xoom
Full browsing support: Xoom
Winner: Xoom

Both the Tablets I PAD and XOOM is offering more than what I am going to write below you can observe that how fast their systems are  and how can connect them.


Chip: 1GHz duel core A5
Memory: 512mb
Storage: 32GB not expandable
Connection: Wi-Fi
 Bluetooth is of 2.1 EDR
Connectivity: 30pin dock connector  
3.5mm headphone jack.


Chip: 1GHz duel core Tegra 2
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 32GB (expandable to 64GB)
Connection: Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
Connectivity: HDMI, USB, 3.5mm headphone jack and SD slot
get absent the Chip as well as the wireless connections and the Xoom is the clear cut winner.

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